Letters to Cody: Selena Troyson

Artwork by ©  Natasha Lee  2018

Artwork by © Natasha Lee 2018

Such is the fate of the Magick-born…

There was once a people called great, lifted in the eyes of the worlds for out of them was born the Order of the Shard. Selfless, courageous, regarded by all to be the epitome of strength and wisdom, until their pride and power consumed them, leaving the Misty Planet ever scarred by their treachery. Six-hundred years passed, and the Republic of Noshar is faced now with a new evil, for the sun no longer rises over the provinces, masked by blood and ash, and all that is beautiful has faded away in wake of whispers that the time of the great Witch has come.

Here as the Recess dawns, young Cody Schaffel is thrust into the heart of these ill designs, beyond the Rocklands alone with but the gates of the Manor School to keep her from harm. And still, they will never be enough, for these walls have not the strength sufficient to hold such maleficence away, or perhaps truly, to hold such maleficence in.

Read an excerpt from the first chapter here.


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